Nature’s Manifesto on physics

The proton collisions at LHC was shut down in September this year (with recorded data over 40 fb−1−1), and a report was planned to be released in December. But, that was canceled.

On 20 November 2016, CMS released a report which is based on 2015 data (13 Tev, with only 2.3 fb−1−1, a puny amount in comparison to the 2016 data) and without giving any hint about the 2016 data (where the beef is). It concludes that Gluino masses below 1.65 TeV and squark masses below 1.37 TeV are excluded at a 95% confidence level. See .

Without releasing the true beef, the SUSY devotees are still hoping for their parousia, the returning and resurrection of the SUSY god. And they are now launching a major campaign to con Chinese government in to build a super-collider (with 100 Tev), just to delay their ultimate demise for another 30 years.

{Note (added on May 15, 2017): the heavily promoted China 100 Tev p-p super collider project is now officially killed, see , end note.}

If the current CMS conclusion holds, there will not be any new discovery before a super-super-super-collider (with over one-hundred-million Tev.) which is beyond the reach with Earth’s size.


Fortunately, there is no need for waiting for the CMS beef nor that super…super-collider; the “Nature’s Manifesto” has given the answer. A new book {Nature’s Manifesto — Nature vs Bullcraps (560 pages)} will be published in January 2017. The following is its “Introduction”.

Chapter twelve: Nature’s manifesto on physics

One, First principle — > Perfect (real/ghost) symmetry — > time-hose


Two, time-hose winds into 11 dimension universe.

Three, measuring rulers are locked by Alpha.

Four, quantum gravity expands universe

Five, universe accelerates.

Six, energy/matter interaction (dark flow).

Note (added on May 20, 2017): It was predicted (about 4 years ago) that a 9% dark flow must be the direct consequence in the {matter (30%)/energy (70%)} universe in comparison to the {energy (100%) CMB} universe. The PREDICTION of 9% dark flow, verified with new Hubble constant, ends the ‘inflation-war’. See .


Seven, energy/matter distribution.

Eight, the emergent of fermions.

Nine, setting the base (vacuum).

Ten, the emergent of dominions.

Eleven, the bookkeeping.

Twelve, the fate of the universe.


In G-theory, the Cyclic multiverse expands exponentially (a x 2 ^ N), a is the initial condition which is set = 1, and N is the number of bounces.

The TQA (total quantum actions of THIS universe at the Big Bang) = (a x 2 ^ N) = [1/CC (3 x 10^-122)]/T, T (life time of this universe) = 4.34 x 10 ^ 17 (seconds). CC is the Cosmology constant.

Thus, TQA = 7.6 x 10 ^ 103; N = 345

Pre-this-Big Bang, the universe has bounced at least 345 times. These pre-THIS-big bang bounces look very much like the ‘inflation’.


The clarifications/denouncements




Real/ghost symmetry produces quantum (1/2) spin. Bouncing between real/ghost universes generates mass for fermions.


About Quantum Gravity

Newtonian gravity: attractive force between two masses.

General Relativity: local space-time distortion by a mass.

True gravity: moving the entire universe from NOW to NEXT (source of dark energy), see .



This ‘Ghost point’ is, in fact, a huge leaking hole which weaks the gravitational field in the space-time sheet tremendously. And thus, there is a hierarchy problem.

Bio-computer is provided.



Table of Content



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Now the pdf version of this book [Natures–Manifesto  — Nature vs Bullcraps, or Natures-Manifesto ] is available here for a limited time.



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