Nothingness vs (nothing there): the quantum gravity

With almost 100 years struggle, all efforts on quantizing the General Relativity have failed thus far.


For Newtonian gravity, it describes the interaction (fighting) between two masses:

One, (who could be out of each other’s reach, or even out of the sight, the event horizon)

Two, in a field (the space, which could be infinite in size)

Three, forever and ever (that is, time is not involved),

like the boxing match below.



For General Relativity, the gravity is described as the interplay between

‘one’ mass

and the universe-bed-sheet (the u-bed-sheet, or UBS which is woven with ‘space AND time’),

and the ‘local’ curvature of the UBS depends on the size of that mass, see graph below.



As this UBS is defined inside the causal sphere, GR gravity resides in the causality sphere, and ‘mass’ is not a part of the UBS. Then, there are some consequences and attributes of and from GR.

One, black hole:



Two, gravitational wave: it is only an attribute of GR gravity, and it (the gravitational wave) is not the ‘TOTAL’ interaction between two masses.



Three, the wormhole:



The ‘mass’ is the key parameter for both gravity theories above. But, they both do not definite or describe what ‘mass’ is.


The carriers for ‘mass’ are particles. As both gravity theories above have absolutely nothing to do with the particle theory, there is no chance for them to describe what ‘mass’ is. So, quantum gravity is not about quantizing the UBS (as the Loop quantum gravity trying to do) but must be describing UBS with particles (theory).


In the G-string gravity theory, the UBS is described with ‘Equation zero’:

Delta S = N * C * (Delta T)

= (i^n1, i^n2, i^n3) * C * (Delta T), see


This equation describes THREE parameters (space, time and particles). Then, the real/ghost symmetry mechanism gives ‘mass’ to those particles (see, ). That is, the particles are the protrusions of the G-string UBS, looks like an egg carton:



When a particle moves in UBS, it looks like a mouse moving under a bed sheet. So, the G-string UBS is different from the GR UBS in the following ways.

One, while the GR mass sits on the GR UBS, the G-string mass is embedded (as a part) in the G-string UBS.

GR mass and GR UBS:




G-string mass and G-string UBS:



Two, GR UBS is a ‘flat’ sheet (continuous) without any internal structure. G-string UBS has an internal structure (about the fermion particles, quantized).



Three, GR UBS resides in the causal (local) sphere while the G-string UBS connects causal and non-causal spheres via the ‘real/ghost’ symmetry.

Love in GR UBS:



Love in G-string UBS could be as:




Quantizing the GR UBS (such as the Loop Quantum Gravity) is no use at all. The only way for quantum gravity is to construct a UBS with particles, that is weaving {space, time and particles/mass} into a Universe-Bed-Sheet. And, our ‘Equation zero’ (transforming ‘Nothingness’ to ‘Something’) is the only way.


There is no internal structure in the GR UBS (nothing there), and there is no chance to get a quantum gravity from the {GR nothing}. So, GR has

  1. nothing to do with quantum spin (see ’,
  2. nothing to do with dark energy and the emergent of uncertainty principle (see ,
  3. nothing to do with the rising of SM particle zoo (see ,
  4. nothing to do with the mass-rising mechanism (see ,
  5. nothing to do with many, many more.


This universe has one root (the Equation Zero) and three branches: {causal sphere, non-causal sphere and the bridge (mass)}. The ‘mass’ straddles the two spheres via the {Real/Ghost} symmetry mechanism. The causal sphere is defined by photons. The non-causal sphere is defined by ‘mass’. However, GR does not go beyond the causal sphere.


Now, the {G-string Nothingness} vs the {GR nothing} is the key for the quantum gravity.


Of course, the GR UBS is a great approximation of G-string UBS at the macro level.


That is,

Newtonian gravity: an eternal boxing field with boxers (as an attractive force between two masses),

General Relativity: a universe-bed-sheet with dead weights on it (as local space-time distortion by a mass),

Quantum gravity (M-string, loops, etc.): just verbiages, the hollow talking,

G-string gravity: ruler of Nature (moving the entire universe from NOW to NEXT (source of dark energy), see .




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