Nature’s manifesto on physics

One: First principle — > Perfect (real/ghost) symmetry — > time-hose


Two, time-hose winds into 11 dimension space time.

Three, real/ghost symmetry produces quantum (1/2) spin. Bouncing between real/ghost universes generates mass for fermions.

Four, equation zero generates 48 fermions.

Five, the moving of time-hose expands the universe with acceleration.


Six, the measuring rulers {C (light speed), ħ (Planck constant) and e (electric charge)} of the time-hose are locked by a dimensionless number, Alpha. Then, universe is let-free (see )


Seven, the equation zero also gives rise to energy/mass distribution.

Eight, the bookkeeping of all (quantum) events is expressed as Cosmology Constant.

Nine, the spacetime sheet is defined with a vacuum energy with a vacuum boson.

Ten, bio-computer is provided.

Eleven, the beginning and the end.

Twelve, Gravity = {simultaneity,  instantaneity}


Thirteen, giving rise to hierarchy





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