Guth and Gefter, welcome for quoting the G-theory

On June 1, 2017, Amanda Gefter wrote an article at Nautilus defending Alan Guth on the recent ‘Inflation war’, by saying: { You can create a universe from nothing—you can create infinite universes from nothing—as long as they all add up to nothing.}

This statement is the KEY point in the G-theory, which I have informed Guth in 1993 when I politely told him that his ‘inflation’ is wrong. I showed him two points.

One, the neutron decay in G-theory, which associates with a vacuum boson and the calculation of its mass.

Two, the creation law:

Law of Creation — If B is created by “creating something from nothing process,” B (the something) must remain to be “nothingness” in essence.



This creation law was stated on page 45 in the book ‘Super Unified theory’, US copyright © 1984 # TX 1-323-231

This creation law is also available online at many places for over 25 years.

One, see (online since 1996)


Three, it is also the key point of the book {Nature’s Manifesto — Nature vs Bullcraps} which is available to the ‘Department of physics, MIT’ since January 2017, also see

Guth and Gefter, welcome to the G-theory. Everyone knows that ‘inflation’ is not about {creating something from nothing} but is about manifestation of this universe from something very SMALL (definitely a something). When you or anyone else tries to change your position by borrowing other idea, please state the ‘source’ of the quote the next time when you are using the idea of G-theory.

There are two more differences between ‘inflation’ and ‘cyclic multiverse (CM)’:

One, the exponential expansion (EE) of CM happened before THIS big bang, while the EE happened after this big bang for ‘inflation’.

Two, the expansion (exponential or after big bang) is an innate property of the equation-zero, not a ‘gravitationally self-repulsive force’ of the ‘inflation’. The exponential expansion is caused by the ‘bounces’, see graph above. The ‘after big bang expansion’ is caused by ‘dark flow’, see graph below.

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