A conversation with Erik Andrulis

I enjoyed your book “Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life” and would like to make a few comments if you allow.

1. “How life abides by the second law of thermodynamics yet evolutionarily complexifies and maintains its intrinsic order is a fundamental mystery in physics, chemistry, and biology .”

This is somewhat interesting question on the surface but is not central and not truly important. I will discuss this if our discussions continue.

2. “Panspermia hypothesis” is an absolutely not important issue for a unified theory of life.

3.  “I use the heterodox yet simple gyre —— a spiral, vortex, whorl, or similar circular pattern—as a core model for understanding life. … The central idea of this theory is that all physical reality, stretching from the so-called inanimate into the animate realm and from micro- to meso- to macrocosmic scales, can be interpreted and modeled as manifestations of a single geometric entity, the gyre.”

Gyre is indeed the answer. But, you give the right answer without asking the right question.

The following is my comments.

A.  In the book “Linguistics Manifesto (ISBN 978-3-8383-9722-1)”, it lists a “Large Complex System Principle”.

The “Large Complex System Principle” (LCSP) —- there is a set principle which governs all large complex systems regardless of whatever those systems are, a number set, a physics set, a life set or a vocabulary set.

Corollary of LCSP (CLCSP) — the laws or principles of a “large complex system x” will have their correspondent laws and principles in a “large complex system y.”

B. Life obeys the laws of physics. But, which physics law or laws give rise to life? This is the key question.

Every system (such as a hot air bloom) contains information, and that information evolves. But, most lives “process” information for … . That is, life possesses a bio-computer (such as DNA language or protein language). But, what is the “rock bottom” base for these computers?

i. In the elementary particle?

ii. In the “structure” of higher level system (atoms, molecules, etc.)?

iii. In the “process” of building those structures?

Iv. As an innate outcome of the geometry, the gyre?

v. Coming out of the blue?

Before this question is answered, the life-theory is not complete.


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