Comment on Adam Riess’ talk

at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre Center on May 11, 2017

Two major data from Planck mission are:

P1, Planck CMB data (DE=69.22 % 、D=25.90 % 、V=4.86 %)

P2, H0 (Hubble Constant, based on CMB, void of matter, pure energy, the early universe, with Neff = 3) = 66.93 ± 0.62 km s−1 Mpc−1

On the other hand,

The Local Value of the H0 {Hubble Constant, with (30% of matter/70% of energy), now, later universe} = 73.24 ± 1.74 km s−1 Mpc−1

Riess’s key conclusion is {If not an error, could be a vital clue pertaining to the 95% of the Universe (i.e., the dark sector) we don’t understand.}


It was predicted (about 4 years ago) that a 9% dark flow must be the direct consequence in the {matter (30%)/energy (70%)} universe in comparison to the {energy (100%) CMB} universe. For the P1 calculation, see two graphs below.





This is the most important PREDICTION of modern physics/cosmology that there should be a DARK FLOW of 9% (transferring energy from MASS to DARK ENERGY), which accelerates the expansion of this universe. And, this prediction is verified by ADAM RIESS’ data.

Finally, the BEGINNING must also determine the END. The END of this universe is determined by the parameter of Ω, mass/energy density of the universe.




This Ω is not a constant but is an EVOLUTION (dynamic) parameter. The only way to calculate this Ω is via the DARK FLOW.

When W = 100%, there is no dark mass (matter) in this universe. The entire universe is 100% energy. The universe expands SIMILAR to inflation.

When W = 0%, the mass has reached its peak, and the Ω can go over 1 (Ω > 1). The universe begins to contract, going to the big crunch.

When W > 0%, the universe expands with acceleration. Now, the W = 9%.

By knowing how to calculate Ω, we can evaluate the possible fates of this universe.

There is no connection (logical, causal or even non-causal) of any kind between the BEGINNING (Big Bang or else) to the END of (ripping the space-time or eternal darkness).

On the other hand, the Big Crunch naturally connects to the Big Bang. More details about this {beginning/end} issue, see

In G-theory, the Cyclic multiverse expands exponentially (a x 2 ^ N), a is the initial condition which is set = 1, and N is the number of bounces.

The TQA (total quantum actions of THIS universe at the Big Bang) = (a x 2 ^ N) = [1/CC (3 x 10^-122)]/T, T (life time of this universe) = 4.34 x 10 ^ 17 (seconds). CC is the Cosmology constant.

Thus, TQA = 7.6 x 10 ^ 103; N = 345

Pre-this-Big Bang, the universe has bounced at least 345 times. This pre-big bang bounces will very much look like the ‘inflation’.


The detailed calculation, see and the book {Nature’s Manifesto, }.


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