The final TOE (Theory of Everything)

Nature encompasses everything, which can be described at least with three spheres:

One, physics sphere,

Two, life sphere,

Three, math sphere.

Thus, the final TOE must also encompass the three spheres above in a unified fashion. Yet, the easiest way of constructing the final TOE is by constructing the physics sphere first. I have showed such a final TOE in my blogs and websites.






Six, I wrote many comments at many physics and philosophy blogs, and those comments and links are available at


This {Final TOE} discusses the following issues.

First, the first principle: the Creation principle {Why is there something rather than Nothing?}


Second, making contacts to the KNOWN physics, such as:

One, calculating nature constants (the Cabibbo and Weinberg angles, Alpha, Cosmological Constant, etc.) and deriving Planck CMB data, etc.

Two, RE-constructing the Standard Model particle zoo, providing a LANGUAGE to describe them.


Third, addressing ALL open issues.

One, dark energy/dark mass issues.

Two, what is quantum gravity?

Three, baryongenesis.

Four, hierarchy issue.

Five, deriving nature constants and Planck CMB data

Six,  all others.


Fourth, the bullcrap-ness of the current paradigm

One, the SUSY bullcrap

Two, the M-string bullcrap

Three, the multiverse bullcrap

Four, the Higgs bullcrap


Step one: {Why is there something rather than nothing?} is the key question shared by all three spheres. Yet, answering it in one sphere will provide the answer for all other spheres.

I have showed that the ESSENSE (fundamental) of this universe is NOTHINGNESS (see, ).

This NOTHINGNESS is defined as {timelessness and immutability}.

The only way to define {timelessness} is that at every t-point (arrow of time) which is cancelled by imaginary time; that is, every t-point is defined with 4-time-dimensions (+/- t, +/- it).




With these 4-time-dimensions, there arises a space-time equation:

Delta S (space) = (i ^n1, i ^n2, i^n3) C delta T

= N C delta T ……. Eq. 1

{n1, n2, n3} have the value (1, 2, 3, or 4), C is light speed, T the real (not imaginary) time.


Eq. 1 gives rise to 64 dimensions.

Yet, the inner product of N has four values {+/- 3, +/- 1}, and this divides these 64 dimensions into two groups.

Group one, 48 dimensions as matter (24 matter and 24 anti-matter).

Group two, 16 dimensions as energy (dark energy, the space-time).

So, the mechanism for maintaining the timelessness essence is by giving rise to 4-time-dimensions.



Step two: the manifestation of this timelessness essence is the rising of 48 Standard Model fermions. See, .


Again, another expression of the NOTHINGNESS is the immutability. Is the fundamental of Nature laws also the expression of immutability? Indeed, it is; see, . Again, it gives rise to the 48 SM fermions. Also see,


Yet, Eq. 1 only defines {delta S}, not S. That is, both space and time are quantized.

[Note: in the current mainstream physics, the quantum laws are roaming in a space-time continuum; both space and time are not quantized.]



Step three: what are those 16 energy dimensions (dark energy) doing in this TIMELESSNESS universe? It moves (accelerates) the RESTting Pepsi can on your desk (with zero motion relating to your desk or Earth) from {HERE, NOW} TO {HERE, FUTURE}. This moving force (gravity) is expressed as:

F (dark energy) = K ħ/ (delta S x delta T) ……. Eq. 2

K is the coupling constant. Note: this F (dark energy) gives rise to the {Uncertainty Principle: (delta S x delta T) >= ħ}



The quantum gravity must consist (encompass) the following three points.
One, it must be the base for particle physics (as only particles carries mass).

Two, it must be the ruling principle for the structure and the evolution of the Cosmos; that is, the source for dark energy and dark mass.

Three, it must transmit instantaneously and must interact with ALL other particles simultaneously.



Eq. 1 gives rise to SM fermions. Eq. 2 is all about the dark energy. They two together spell the Quantum-Gravity, see , for details.


As unified force equation, Eq. 2 resolves the following issues:

One, the hierarchy issue,


Two, the baryongenesis issue: the 48 SM fermions in Eq. 1 are expressed as G-strings. In this G-string language (expressions), matter must be expressed with two G-strings (string and anti-string). That is, matter and anti-matter are entangled and cannot be cut as mirror images. Thus, the {baryongenesis issue} is resolved, see .



Step four: deriving Planck CMB data (dark energy = 69.2; dark matter = 25.8; and visible matter = 4.82), see



{ the d/v (dark/visible ratio) = [41 (100 – W) % / 7]

When, W = 9 % (a prediction of this G-string model),  d/v = 5.33

In this scheme, the space, time and mass form an *iceberg model*.

Space = X

Time = Y

Total mass (universe) = Z

And X = Y = Z

In an iceberg model (ice, ocean, sky), Z is ice while the (X + Y) is the ocean and sky, the energy ocean (or the dark energy). Yet, the ice (Z) will melt into the ocean (X + Y) with a ratio W.

When W = 9%,

[(Z – V) x (100 – W) %] /5.33 = V, V is visible mass of this universe.

[(33.33 –V) x .91]/5.33 = V

V= 5.69048 / 1.17073 = 4.86   (while the Planck data is 4.82),

D (Dark mass) = [(Z – 4.86) x (100 – W) %] = [(33.33 -4.86) x .91] = 25.90 (while the Planck data = 25.8)

So, the total dark energy = (X + Y) + [(Z – 4.86) x W %)] = 66.66 + (28.47 x 0.09) = 69.22 (while the Planck data is 69.2)

Except the ‘W’ is a free parameter (testable), the above calculation is *purely* theoretical, and it matches the data to an amazing degree.}


One, the dark mass issue: it consist of two points.

  1. There are only 48 fermions (no SUSY s-particles), with only 7 are visible, the amphitheater model, see



2. all fermions have the SAME mass-land-right although their apparent rest mass are different (while Top quark is almost million times heavier than neutrinos); this is called {pimple model} or {house address tag model}, see: , , , and .


Two, the dark energy issue: it consists of only two points.

  1. this universe is composed of only THREE pillars (time = X, space = Y, and mass = Z) with equal RIGHT, and nothing more. So,

X = Y = Z, and X + Y + Z = 1

This is the iceberg model:



2. there is a {dark radiation (W), melting dark mass into dark energy}, and W = 9%.

In addition to account for the Planck CMB data, this model also predicts a dark radiation (G-radiation) W = 9%. This W should be observable in the Hubble constant analysis, the AMS02 data, etc.

In the above calculation, the anti-matter does not disappear but is still playing a structure role in this universe, it (together with the 2nd and 3rd generation of matter) must show up as dark matter. This is another way of resolving the {baryongenesis} issue.


Step five, calculating nature constants:

One, { the Cabibbo and Weinberg angles, Alpha, etc.}. See, , and .

Two, calculating Cosmological Constant: see


Step six, showing the bullcrap-ness of the current physics paradigm:

One, the SUSY bullcrap, see and

Two, the M-string bullcrap, see and

Three, the Multiverse bullcrap, see

Four, the Higgs bullcrap, see



Obviously, this new physics (Np) is COMPLETEly different from the current mainstream physics (CMp).

CMp cannot address the {Why is there something rather than nothing?}. Nothingness is the essence of this Np.

Time is an arrow in CMp. In Np, the arrow of time is only one of the expression of a 4-time-dimension structure (including the imaginary time), which ensures that every t-point is in fact timelessness.

The space-time of CMp is a geometric point in a continuum. Both space and time are quantized (Δt and ΔS) in Np.

The quarks and leptons are the ROCK BOTTOM structure for CMp. In Np, both quarks and leptons are described with G-string languages which are the expression of both timelessness and immutability.

All the above differences are the result of a perfect symmetry {the real (matter and a finitude) and the ghost (non-matter, an infinity)}, see ; that is, damn the SUSY.

More detailed description of those differences is available at {The great divide, }.


Yet, the validity of this new physics can be verified by its power of resolving ALL currently unanswerable questions in the mainstream physics. The following is a short list (not exhaustive).

One, gives rise to nature constants

Two, gives rise to the particle zoo of the Standard Model,

Three, gives rise to unified force equation (including gravity), F (unified) = K ħ/ (delta S x delta T) ……. Eq. 2

Four, gives rise to quantum principle, from Eq. 2; Then, Delta P x Delta S = ħ

Five, gives rise to baryongenesis,

Six, resolving the hierarchy issue,

Seven, gives rise to dark mass and dark energy, the Planck data,

Eight, gives rise to life, see . Both proton and neutron are the seeds for Turing computer in the G-string language.

Nine, gives rise to arithmetic. This will be the volume two of this new physics.

Ten, gives rise to the Quantum-Spin, the ħ, see , which is the result of the {real/ghost} symmetry.

Eleven, the information paradox, see


Universe lock, (1/Alpha): see

Universe bookkeeping, Cosmological Constant: see

If you are still not convinced about the validity of this new physics, you are counted out, as irreverent.  In fact, most of those prominent physicists today will definitely go down history with great shames, as totally stupid and totally dishonest; there is no salvation for them. Yet, I would still want to provide them the last life-saving-strew, and here it is,


For life-TOE, see


For math-TOE, see


The ‘Final TOE (Theory of Everything)’ is now available in Chinese language.

Part one: 万物构造论

Part two: Final TOE


Note (added on August 29, 2016):

The current (2016) mainstream physics status is this: #PostCheckmateTTF (Post Checkmate temper tantrum fit).



 Copyright © January 2016 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong



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