Creation of Life

Anthropic principle (AP) has been grossly misused by the multiverse mania. In this article, AP means that the physics laws of nature (not humanly discovered physics) must give rise to life, in accordance to the “Large Complex System Principle” (LCSP) —- there is a set principles which govern all large complex systems regardless of whatever those systems are, a number set, a physics set, a life set or a vocabulary set.

Corollary of LCSP (CLCSP) — the laws or principles of a “large complex system x” will have their correspondent laws and principles in a “large complex system y.”


There are many creations:

Physics laws,

Math universe,

Life universe,

Linguistics universe,

All the above creations are isomorphic to one another. Thus, if we understand one creation, we will know all creations.


I have showed the creation of physics laws in its entirety, with the single framework of {nothing to something} transformation with the 4-time-dimensions mechanism.




From this single framework, I have DERIVED (not discovered) the followings:


One, theoretical calculation of Cabibbo and Weinberg angles,

Two, theoretical calculation of Alpha (electron fine structure constant),

Three, theoretical calculation for Planck CMB data (dark energy, dark mass, visible mass),

Four, theoretical calculation for Cosmology constant (Λ),

Five, theoretical calculation for the mass of the newly discovered boson (125.46 Gev.),

Six, a description  of Quantum gravity,

Seven, a new physics epistemology,


See {The final TOE} for details,


I also showed the total nonsense-ness of the followings:

Multiverse bullcrap, see

M-string bullcrap, see

The SUSY bullcrap, see


With the physics laws creation is now done, I will show the mechanism of creation of Life.

Phenomenologically, the life encompasses some unique attributes:

One, reproduction

Two, metabolism

But, in order to utilize the Corollary of LCSP (CLCSP), I will link the laws of life to the laws of physics with a common parameter, the information.


All systems have information (such as thermo-systems) but they evolve only in accordance to the 2nd law entropic-ly. On the other hand, life ‘processes’ information with intension for getting the best beneficial outcomes.

So, there are two special attributes for life:

One, intension (the will)

Two, the processing information ability (the computation)


I will show that these two special attributes are the base for {intelligence and consciousness}, as I will define:

One, intelligence,

Necessary condition: having a counting device (counting straws, abacus, Turing computer, etc.)

Sufficient condition: having the ability to distinguish SELF from all others.


Two, consciousness,

Necessary condition: having the ability to distinguish SELF from all others.

Sufficient condition: having a counting device (counting straws, abacus, Turing computer, etc.)


With these, I must show the followings:

One, there is a counting device embedded in the laws of physics

Two, the ability to distinguish self from others is also embedded in the laws of physics.

Three, with intelligence and consciousness, they give rise  to the WILL (intension).

Four, a device (such as human brain) to carry out this {intelligence/consciousness} operations.

Five, a mechanism to construct this device (the evolution process).


So, here they are.

One, definition of intelligence, see

Two, the ‘field’ that ‘intelligence’ roams on (or lives in), see

Three, the source for the ability to distinguish self from others, see

Four, intelligent machine, see




Five, the evolution process to get this intelligent machines, see

Six, the embedded Turing computer in the laws of physics, see


With the above,

One, I have showed that life is a ‘WILL’, with spontaneous intelligence and consciousness.

Two, I have also showed the detailed embedment of computing device and the framework for distinguishing each (all) identity(ies).

Three, I further have showed the detailed framework for giving rise to intelligence/consciousness, the human brain.

Four, I have showed the detailed mechanism for evolution.


So, life is constrained and confined by the laws of physics and theorems of topology. While being the rulers of constrain and confinement for life, the laws of physics and theorems of topology are also providing zillions (unbounded many) options; that is, the ‘nature options’. Then, life has intelligence and can choose the best option from a set of ‘nature options’. There is no ‘nature selection’ which is not only wrong but is a total bullcrap. So, the most important point is to weed out the bullcraps: see,

Deaths of two Gods,

Darwin’s original work is a mediocre scientific work (being mostly wrong). Although the most later works (such as, genetics, horizontal gene transfer, genetic drift, genetic assimilation, punctuated equilibrium, molecular biology, etc.) are scientifically correct, they are all in conflict with or in contradiction to the Darwinianism. But, they are synthesized into MES (modern evolutionary synthesis, by swept those contradictions under the synthesizing carpet) for the reason of trying to elevate Darwinianism (especially the nature selection) to the status of G0d in order to fight against the Christian God. And, this is the worst shamelessness in human history.

More details, see .

Now, the details of the creation of life are complete.

Life universe arose with two steps: creation and evolution.

First, creation: physics laws and theorems of topology provides zillions preset (allowed) STRUCTUREs for the life atoms (amino acids and proteins) to form the FIRST generation of DNA and body shapes, the ‘nature options’. That is, the arising out of lives is in accordance to the rules of the game (preset by the laws of physics and theorem of topology, such as, the rules of life-game of glider etc.). That the lego pieces (A, C, T, G) fall into the predetermined stable structure (double helix, etc.)  is one example. Another example will be the rise of ‘human-like-brain’, see .


Second, evolution: with two mechanisms and one accelerator.

M1, the direct interaction between lives, such as the eukaryote-rising-mechanism (ERM), and something NEW is produced.

M2, adaptation and advancing with ‘intelligence’: the species intelligence, see . Species is the ‘intelligence’ carrier for all lives which are seemingly lacking a human-like intelligence for its members, the individual organism, such as single cell organism or even worms. Of course, the “intelligence” is the most powerful evolution force for the very complex life-systems.

A1, the accelerator: the mass extinction reshuffles the players in the ecosphere, weeding out the brutal force and helping the advancements of more intelligent species.



One, the creation and evolution mechanisms are clearly described. Life is created with ‘NATURE OPTIONS’. Evolution is defined with two mechanisms and one accelerator.

Two, life is now clearly defined as a ‘will’.

Three, the bases for this ‘will’ are intelligence and consciousness, and both are precisely defined.

Four, the rising mechanisms for intelligence and consciousness are precisely described, and they are linked to the laws of physics.

Five, the ‘nature selection’ bullcrap of Darwinianism is denounced.



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