Why are you always writing this kind of bullcrap?

“The Multiverse is almost definitely real beyond any reasonable doubt, but what version of the Multiverse you subscribe to makes all the difference in the Universe.” (See, https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/ask-ethan-the-multiverse-and-the-road-not-traveled-3086a2ca0daf#.k8t7kx4ol )


Your name is “Ethan Siegel”. Others can give you a nick name of some kinds {xxx Sie, yyy Eth, etc.}, but those names are not you.


The type one and two are by all means not multiverse regardless of who is trying to confuse the readers. You are covertly hyping the multiverse nonsense by calling type one and two as multiverse. This is wrong and dishonest.


The type 3 and 4 are by all means scientific nonsense. Why are you talking about them as part of scientific speculations?


Only type 5 is a genuine multiverse, and it can be ruled out with two simple points.

One, it is the fallout from string unification failure of being unable to make contact to THIS universe (calculating the nature constants of THIS universe, providing a language description for the quark model, etc.) and thus by claiming that there are zillion sets of nature constants; thus, there is no way to calculate the nature constants of THIS universe. Then, if the nature constants of THIS universe can be calculated, its claim is invalidated right the way.


Two, if we can further show that the way of calculating the nature constants of THIS universe is bubble (vacuum) independent, the multiverse nonsense will be crashed right the way.


The two points above are clearly showed in the article { http://prebabel.blogspot.com/2013/10/multiverse-bubbles-are-now-all-burst-by.html }, and this article is now viewed by thousands people. If you pretend of not knowing about this article, you are not honest to yourself as you are informed about this article many times because that I have commented on many of YOUR articles on this issue. Of course, writing this kind of bullcrap is your right (guaranteed by the US constitution), but you are morally wrong to your readers by feeding them craps.



2 thoughts on “Why are you always writing this kind of bullcrap?

  1. Your theories appear nice. I see only two problems with your writing, and I admit that I have read only a small fraction.

    Do you make any falsifiable predictions? If not, then your theories are, as wolfgang pauli said “Not even wrong”. Two. Name calling. The rhetorical technique used when a person has neither information no logic to support their position. — wrong, dishonest, nonsense. To the best of my kmnowledge, to take just one word, something in the world of science can be called only wrong if the measurement does not conform to the prediction. See not even wrong above.

    • @doug
      “Do you make any falsifiable predictions?”
      Yes, here are the three.
      One, there should be a vacuum boson with the mass = (1/2) of vev + vev fluctuation (1% of vev) = 246/2 + 2.46 = 125.46 (see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/before-lhc-run-2-begins-enough-jeh-tween-gong ).
      Two, when the energy transfer rate from dark mass to dark energy (not measured formally by any experiment) is 9%, the Planck CMB data can be precisely derived, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/dark-energydark-mass-the-silent-truth/
      Three, the vev (vacuum energy) is quantized. Its excited states = (2n +1) vev. For n = 1, vev (1) = 3 vev = 738 +/- 15 Gev. This excited state will decay into photon pairs, not via other channels.

      “If not, then your theories are, as wolfgang pauli said “Not even wrong”.”
      Pauli WAS great but is dinosaurs now; let him be peace in Heaven. Popperianism was a great TOOL, but is now stupid (see https://medium.com/@Tienzen/damning-the-popperianism-and-the-multiverse-4ea7740fcca6#.8afg6l7kp ).

      “Two. Name calling.”
      In semantics, every word has a true/false value. When a word is used properly, it has true value.
      Cow shit is a shit. The word shit is properly used.
      You are shit. The word shit is not used in its proper way. As you are not physically shit, you must be shit in other way. When a word is used with its false value, it becomes improper, the name calling.

      If he is wrong, calling him wrong, and its truth value is true, not name calling. If he is not wrong while calling him wrong, the truth value is false, a name calling.

      Did I make a name calling in this article? NO. He is truly bullcrap.

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