Heavenly Father and his artistic baby

Heavenly Father created THIS universe with His ‘First Principle’.


Figure 1

A: The consequences

The consequences of this first principle (Equation zero, G-theory) are followings:


One, time moves forward as a time-hose to create a space-time cone, and space expands at EVERY point with constant speed ‘C’, and it consists of 11-dimensions (see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/quantum-gravity-from-here-to-eternity/ ).


Figure 2

Two, it produces ‘intrinsic spin (1/2 h-bar) via bouncing between the real/ghost worlds.


Figure 3

Three, for any set of concentric circles, the outer circle moves always with acceleration.

Four, Universe structure of G-theory produces:  Matter, 24 fermions; Anti-matter, 24 anti-fermions and Vacuum/space, see http://prebabel.blogspot.com/2012/04/48-exact-number-for-number-of.html . This rules out any additional fermions (Such as SUSY) or sterile particles (such as WIMPs, sterile neutrino).

Five, all 48 fermions emergent out from each time quanta. That is, matter/anti-matter co-exist at every time-moment, and there is no matter/anti-matter annihilation at the Big Bang.

Six, it locks two measuring rulers {C (light speed) and ħ (Planck constant) with two locks:

First lock, electric charge (e) = F (square root of (ħ x C)

Second lock, alpha (electric fine structure constant, a dimensionless pure number, unchangeable by selection of dimension-units) = {1/137.0359…}.

Seven, the universe pie is thus divided into three pieces via an intrinsic Angle (A (0)): energy (space), energy (time) and matter (visible and not visible).

Eight, it produces the gene-color: rules out 4th generation and a sterile neutrino. And, it produces the neutrino oscillation.

Nine, the matter/vacuum interaction will produce a ‘vacuum boson’.

Ten, all 48 fermions share an ‘equal right’ (the mass-land-charge), while their apparent masses are different. That is, all those 48 fermions are the SAME kind, and Majorana neutrino is ruled out.

Eleven, it moves the ENTIRE universe from ‘NOW’ to ‘NEXT’, which produces gravity, ‘quantum-ness’ and ‘unified force’.

Figure 4


Twelve, it creates a ‘bookkeeping’: entropy and CC (Cosmology Constant)

Figure 5


Thirteen, it produces ‘bio-computer (a Turing machine)’.

Figure 6


Fourteen, it demands a dark flow (W, from 100 to 0%) for the evolution of this universe. The W is 9% now.

Figure 7


The above is explained below.

Figure 8



Figure 9



Figure 10



Figure 11


Locking the measuring rulers with intrinsic angles:


Figure 12


Figure 13


Energy/mass distribution:

Figure 14


Producing ‘quantum-ness’, ‘unified force’ and accelerating the universe expansion:


Figure 15



Figure 16


Producing a vacuum boson.


Figure 17


Figure 18


This is an eleven –dimensional universe.

Figure 19


Here is the Physics-TOE.

Figure 20



B: The verifications

The above Heavenly laws are slowly but surely verified by the artistic baby (the mainstream physics).

One, acceleration expansion of this universe was verified in 1997.

Two, the vacuum boson (with 125.26 Gev) was discovered in 2012.

Three, Neff = 3 is verified by Planck (2013, 2015) data.

Four, energy/mass distribution was verified by Planck CMB data (2013) and by Dark Energy Survey (2017).


Figure 21


Five, WIMP is ruled out in 2017, see http://www.nature.com/news/dark-matter-hunt-fails-to-find-the-elusive-particles-1.22970

Six, MOND is ruled out in 2017 by LIGO data.

Seven, Big Bang matter/anti-matter annihilation is ruled out in 2017, see https://cosmosmagazine.com/physics/universe-shouldn-t-exist-cern-physicists-conclude .

Eight, the Weinberg angle is now measured precisely = 28.75 degrees, see https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.05288 .

Nine, the dark flow (W = 9%) was discovered in 2016 by Adam Riess, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2017/05/15/comment-on-adam-riess-talk/ .


Figure 22



Figure 23


C: Possessed baby soul rescued

While the growth of this artistic baby (mainstream physics) is progressing slowly but nicely, its soul is nonetheless possessed by three demons: {Copenhagen doctrine (measurement mystery and Schrödinger’s Cat), GR (General Relativity) and Higgs mechanism, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/the-angel-and-demons-in-the-100-years-of-physics-nightmare/ }.


Fortunately, the ‘Cellular Automaton Quantum Mechanics’ is now casting out the ‘Copenhagen demon’, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/the-mickey-mouse-principle/ .


Figure 24



Figure 25


Fortunately, the Higgs demon is about to be exorcised.

One, the Higgs naturalness has now failed, even if SUSY Were existing at GUT scale.

Two, the Majorana neutrino is about completely ruled out.

First, a very strong hint shows that neutrino is different from its anti-particle.

Second, the observation of ‘Big Bang Nucleosynthesis’ is very much ruling out the Majorana neutrino.


Figure 26


D: The lingering hallucinations are cured

Two physics hallucinations happened about at the same time and they converge to the same delusive wonderland, the Multiverse.

The M-string theory gets zillions ‘string vacua’, which leads to the multiverse.

The ‘inflation scenario (without a guiding principle for the initial conditions)’ leads to ‘Eternal inflation’ which in turn leads to the multiverse.


The wonder drug for these hallucinations is showing that Multiverse is a delusion with two points.

One, the soul of the multiverse is that the structure constants of THIS universe are just happenstances (the result of the Boltzmann’s brain). That is, even nature (or God) does not know how to calculate the structure constants of this universe. So, by showing the ways of calculating them, that hallucination is cured.

Two, by showing that those calculations are not bubble dependent, it further bursts the delusion bubble.


Now, many prominent physicists (such as Paul J. Steinhardt and et al) are joining in to eradicate these physics hallucinations, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2017/05/13/the-end-of-the-inflation-war/ .


F: the remaining living dead

SM (Standard Model of particle physics) has passed every test which we can throw at it, but no one believes that SM is a correct final theory.

On the other hand, everyone still sees GR (General Relativity) being a Gospel of gravity, especially after the LIGO announcement on October 16, 2017.

Indeed, GR has also passed all tests which we can throw at it. Indeed, LIGO could be a great tool for viewing the Cosmos in a different way. But, these will not change the fundamental FACT that GR is a totally wrong description of gravity.

The most important damning FACT on GR is that GR plays no role at ALL in the Heavenly Father’s description (HFD) of THIS universe.

In HFD, this universe is ruled by a Structure-Function which consists of {G (energy, dark energy) + G (mass; dark and visible)}.

The G (energy) leads to the acceleration of the expansion of this universe. But, most importantly, it also leads to ‘quantum-ness’.

The G (mass) is, of course, leading to Newtonian gravity, while GR is just an attribute of this G (mass).


There is no issue about GR being an excellent effective theory for gravity, but seeing it as the Gospel becomes the major hindrance to getting a correct Gravity-theory. The recent over-hyped LIGO story makes the situation even worse. AT this moment, this GR demon is not yet exorcised in terms of sociology. The KEY mission of this article is to cast this GR demon out once and for all. More details, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/the-angel-and-demons-in-the-100-years-of-physics-nightmare/ .









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