Underdetermination of physics is no more!

After the 2016 data from {LHC, LUX, IceCube, etc.}, ALL mainstream BSMs (beyond standard models) are now dead.


Yet, many (even very prominent) physicists are still praying for the resurrections of those mainstream BSM corpses under the philosophical idea of ‘underdetermination’ which states that all theories are underdetermined.


What is underdetermination? The detailed definition of it is available at here http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/scientific-underdetermination/ . But, I will give a very simple example here for readers who do not have time to read that book size definition.



Here has three known facts.

One, Mike has $10.

Two, orange costs $1.

Three, apple costs $2.


From these three facts, we can build a lot theories (models).

Ma: Mike brought 11 oranges.

Mb: Mike brought 2 oranges and 4 apples.

Mc: Mike brought 4 oranges and 3 apples.

Md, Mf, …


With the three known facts (evidences or data), Ma is easily ruled out as being wrong. But for Mb and Mc (perhaps more M…), the known evidences are not enough to SEPARATE these competing theories. The situation now is underdetermined. Those theories (Mb, Mc, …) are underdetermined theories.


As the goalpost of many theories (such as SUSY and multiverse) can be arbitrarily moved, those theories will be forever underdetermined, being a living-dead forever.


But no, this is not the case for physics. There are four known facts (precisely measured) in physics.

One, {1/Alpha} = 137.0359…

Two, Planck CMB data: {dark energy = 69.2 +/- 1%; visible mass = 4.82 +/- 0.05%; dark mass = 25.8 +/- 0.4%}

Three, Higgs boson’s mass: {125.09 (+/- 0.24) Gev}

Four, Cosmology Constant? {~ 3 x 10 ^ (-120)}


That is, any theory which cannot derive (calculate) these four known facts must be ruled out. With this criterion, physics is no longer underdetermined any more.


Yet, if no one is able to come up a theory to meet the criterion, a resurrection elixir for those mainstream BSM corpses can be produced: {the only game in town}.


Furthermore, many claim that those four facts are just simple numbers, and every number can always be reached with some numerological formulas. But in my view, a numerological formula could always give hints for some underlying logic (physics). So, I have offered an award of US $5,000 for anyone who is able to come up numerological formulas for those four numbers. The detail of the offer is available at http://tienzen.blogspot.com/2016/08/two-thumbs-up.html .


With this four-fact criterion, the underdetermination of physics is no more.




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