Mainstream physics: rescued from the Hellfire dungeon

The mainstream physics was imprisoned in the hellfire dungeon by four guarding curses:

How to calculate Alpha?

How to calculate (and account for) Planck CMB data?

How to calculate Vacuum (wrongly named as Higgs) boson’s mass?

How to calculate Cosmology Constant?






The mainstream’s hope relies on finding some new particles (SUSY, WIMPs, Extra dimensions, sterile neutrinos, etc.), but that hope was crashed by the 2016 data from {LHC, LUX, IceCube, etc.}. Furthermore, any more data from LHC will help very little, as the discovery rate will decrease exponentially, see graph below.



That is, the entire mainstream BSM is now dead. There is no hope of any kind for the mainstream physics to escape from the imprisonment of the Hellfire dungeon via the help from mainstream BSM.


Fortunately, all those four curses are removed by the G-string quantum-gravity.

One, Calculating Alpha (#how2CalculateAlpha ):



Two, calculating (accounting for) Planck CMB data (#how2CalculatePlanckCMBdata):



Three, calculating Vacuum (wrongly named as Higgs) boson’s mass (#how2CalculateHiggsbosonMass):

G-string beta decay

Step 1: picking up a (d, -d) vacuum to form a five quark blob

Step 2: vacuum transformation {(d, -d) to (u, -u)} via a vacuum boson

Step 3: exchanging prequarks, W-like weak current



Four, calculating (accounting for) Cosmology Constant (#how2CalculateCosmologyConstant):



This G-string rescue was presented at {Strings 2016 conference ( )} held at Tsinghua University, Beijing China (from August 1 to 5, 2016), by my Protégé Dr. Li xiaojian.  The key points of this presentation is available at .

My Protégé Dr. Li xiaojian (Professor of North China University of Technology, Beijing, 100144, China) discussed This “G-string rescue” with Dr. David Gross (Nobel laureate) on August 5, 2016; see photos below.





Note (added on August 29, 2016):

The current (2016) mainstream physics status is this: #PostCheckmateTTF (Post Checkmate temper tantrum fit).



 Copyright © August 2016 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong



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