Dark energy, mystery no more!

Today, we know that the dark mass and the dark energy are the essential parts of gravity. Newton did not know them. But, his equation is still good for dark mass as it is a mass anyway. It is the same for the General Relativity which deals only about mass and mass-energy. Is dark energy mass-energy? If it is not, GR is of course incomplete. Without knowing exactly what the dark energy is and is about, the gravity cannot be understood. Without knowing what the gravity is, any talking about *Super Unified Theory* is simply *nonsense*.


For the mainstream physics, the dark energy was discovered only 15 years ago. It is still a mystery for the mainstream physics. The dark energy survey has now begin last week in Chile.


While the dark mass and the dark energy are still mysteries in the mainstream physics, it can actually be discussed. I often use an Apple boy/G-grandmother dialog to discuss a very complex problem, as it can address an issue from many different angles. But, it will definitely get to lengthy. Under this comment length constrain, I can only show a backbone framework here without any detailed elaboration. 


Dark energy issue can be discussed by asking a few *correct* questions.

  1. The dark energy survey is now investigating the galaxies and supernovae up to 8 billion light years always, as it is the current event horizon for us. Of course, we know that there are something beyond that horizon, as the universe is now about 16 billion years old. Thus, the first question is, “Where is the edge (boundary) of this universe?”

Answer: *Here*, (why? Omitted). The coffee cup on your desk is the *edge* of this universe.

  1. As far as we know today, the dark energy is the cause for the cosmic expansion acceleration. The second question will be, “What is the outside of the edge for this universe expanding into?”

Answer: *Next*, (why? Omitted). The universe does not expand into the *outside* but into the *Next*. That is, your coffee cup (not moving in your eyes) was moved from *Here (now)* to *Next (Here)*. And, this expansion can be written as,

{[Here (now), Now], [Here (next), Next]} = {Delta S, Delta T} = (Delta S  x  Delta T)


  1. What is the *cause* to cause this movement?

Answer: * ħ (Planck constant)”, (why, omitted).

Thus,  ħ = {delta S, delta T} = (delta S x delta T), this is a *cause – effect* equation and the dimensions need not match, as they will be adjusted later on.

So,  ħ/(delta S x delta T) = I


  1. What is *I*? *I* is 1. But there are many *1*s. The 1 cent is dramatically different from the 1 trillion dollars. *1* can carry dimensions. There is a very special *1* = kF. What is k or F? It does not matter at this point. Thus,

      ħ/(delta S x delta T) = kF   or    F = K ħ/(delta S x delta T)

                     By working out the dimensions, the F turns out to be a *force*, and the above is the *Super Unified force equation*.


Originally, this *Super Unified force equation* was derived from a different pathway, from the fiber structure of the space-time-sheet. Of course, it will be too lengthy for here. Thus, I have used a conceptual pathway here. There are a few very clear concepts here.

  1. The edge of the universe is *Here*.
  2. The outside of that edge is *Next*.
  3. The force moves your coffee cup from *here (now)* to *Next (here)* is the super unified force which is the emergent of the dark energy.


Now, it is very clear that the dark energy consists of three parts [Space, Time and Mass (coffee cup)], and they three form an *iceberg model* which gives the precise *prediction* about the Planck data (dark energy = 69.2;  dark matter = 25.8; and visible matter = 4.82). The detailed calculation for *predicting* the Planck data is available at http://prebabel.blogspot.com/2013/03/planck-data-last-straw-on-higgs-back.html . The following is an abridged calculation.


In my previous comment, I have given two links for the dark matter and the dark energy mystery issues. It will take one some efforts to go to those links. Yet, as great as these two mysteries are, they can be easily resolved with half page calculations, as we do have Planck data (dark energy = 69.2;  dark matter = 25.8; and visible matter = 4.82) and the AMS02 data now. Since these are simple numbers, the *predictions* of a model for these numbers are very straightforward, no debate can come about.


With the Planck data (dark energy = 69.2;  dark matter = 25.8; and visible matter = 4.82) and the AMS02 data, the dark matter and the dark energy mysteries are no more. Again, the “Standard Model proper” cannot make any linkage to this issue. Its baby (SUSY) is making some wild guess without the ability to match with this Planck data. Yet, the entire Planck data can be *predicted*  with a correct particle theory which consists of two sub-models (the pimple model and an iceberg model).


For dark matter, with the Pimple model (that is, every particles carry the same mass-charge, see https://tienzengong.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/barked-up-the-wrong-trees-m-theory-and-susy/  ), there are 48 matter particles (matter + anti-matter) while only 7 of them [the first generation matter (not anti-matter)] gives out lights (excluding e-neutrino). Thus, the dark mass/visible mass ratio = [41 (100 – w)% / 7] . The *w* is the percentage of the dark matter which does give out lights. According to the AMS02 data, it is between 8 to 10%. By choosing w = 9, the d/v ratio = 5.33 (while the Planck data shows d/v ratio = 25.8/4.82 = 5.3526). Details, (see http://prebabel.blogspot.com/2013/08/dark-matter-mystery-no-more-part-2.html  ).  


For dark energy, it uses an iceberg model (see http://prebabel.blogspot.com/2013/03/planck-data-last-straw-on-higgs-back.html ). That is, the Time, Space and Mass (dark + visible) form an iceberg system, while the mass is the iceberg. And, they three take the *equal* share. So, the dark mass = [(33.3 – 4.82) x (100 -9)%] =  25.91 (while the Planck data is 25.8), with d/v ratio = 5.37.  The 9% here is the melting ratio from the dark matter. Thus, the dark energy = 66.66 + [(33.3 – 4.82) x  9%] = 66.66 + 2.56 = 69.22 (while the Planck data is 69.2).


One interesting thing here, the dark/visible ratio was calculated with two different pathways. Yet, the average [(5.33 + 5.375)/2] = 5.3527, exactly the same as the Planck data.


With these calculations, the Nature is much simpler than we can ever imagine. Yet, numbers are numbers, and there is no debate-point for these calculations.


The above is also available at http://www.preposterousuniverse.com/blog/2013/09/16/dark-energy-detectives/#comment-7295910552604271829 


For dark mass,  also see http://profmattstrassler.com/2013/09/16/a-quantum-gravity-cosmology-conference/#comment-86056


For dark energy, see http://profmattstrassler.com/2013/09/19/am-i-misleading-you-about-string-theory/#comment-87311 



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