Key mission of life

@Phil Gibbs: “If you think that life arises naturally no matter what the parameters of physics are then you would expect life to take a very diverse range of forms. …  I mean that there should be different solutions to the chemistry of life that work on other planets. … If we find that all higher lifeforms on other planets uses these same processes then we can be sure that physics is fine-tuned for life.”


The following is my comment at ( ).


This is the issue of massive confusion entanglements on “multiverse, preciseness and fine-tuning”.


First, even with a set of absolute precise laws of life (with “zero” wiggling room), there will still have zillions of different human faces, as there are zillions different boundary conditions. The absolute preciseness of a law will not necessarily kill the diversity of the boundary conditions.


Second, the “chemistry” of life is a very high “tier”-expression of life. The laws of life underlie many tiers below the chemistry. I will discuss only two laws of life here.


1. The “key” mission of life is about “individuality”, that is, distinguishing a self from the other. Even the “identical” twins are two “individuals”. When “a” virus moves into two cells, there are two individual viruses. There is a “four color theorem” which is able to produce zillions “distinguishable” balls. Thus, the life of “this” universe uses “four color codes, the (A. G, T, C)” as a way for the manifestation of the essence of life (the individuality). Thus,

Law of life (1) in “this” universe —- the essence of life (the individuality) is expressed with the “four color theorem”.


2. The key functions of life (reproduction and/or metabolism) are carried out by processing information. Any information can be processed with a computing device, such as the Turing computer, the abacus or a set of counting straws. Thus,

Law of life (2) in “this” universe —- life must carry a computing device.


If a life in the (multiverse + 1)th-verse,

a. not about “individuality”, such as, only  as a gigantic blob for the whole-verse,

b. not using 4-color-theorem for individuality but using another way (not available and/or known in “this” universe) for the manifestation of individuality,

c. needs no computing device or uses a device not available (or known) in “this” universe, (note, the life of this universe uses “Turing”-computer as the computing device, see ).

then, that (multiverse + 1)th-verse life is “different” from the life of “this” universe. Otherwise, it will be no different from the life of “this” universe even if it is “silver”-based instead of the carbon-based life of this universe, as they two are still governed by the same two laws of life.


So, that the life forms (high or low) in the other -verse use these same (or completely different) processes (on chemistry level) as in “this” universe needs not to be the consequence of any “tuning”.


Furthermore, any-verse is governed only by some measuring rulers (which are the sources for the axiomatic expressions of laws). Those rulers are “nature-constants” for that any-verse. Yet, there must be a “lock” to lock those rulers absolutely tight. In the case of “this” universe, the “final lock” is the Alpha.


If the (multiverse + 1)th-verse uses four rulers (instead of three), such as (Turtle-speed, dog-charge, tail-spin and the whatnot-else), is it different from “this” universe, that is, not a part of this universe?


The answer is in its “lock”. If its lock is different from our “Alpha”, then, it is definitely not a part of “this” universe. If its lock is also a dimensionless number with the numeric value identical to Alpha of “this” universe, then it is still a part of this universe even if it has completely different “measuring rulers” (the nature-constants). Multiverse or not is not about those zillion parameter spaces but is about the “lock”. If the locks are different, there are different-verses. The “Lock-physics” ends the story.


@Phil Gibbs:  “The only significant difference for the multiverse of string theory is that many of the string theory states describe different stable vacuua whereas in the standard model the stable vacuua are identical under gauge symmetry.”


If the physics of (multiverse + 1)th-verse does not provide a computing device while there is something called “life” in this-verse, that “life” is definitely different from the life of “this”-universe.


If the physics of (multiverse + 2)th-verse provides an abacus  computing device, then its “life” is not fundamentally different from the life of “this” universe. Yet, I do not know how an abacus can be embedded in its physics laws.


It is our great fortune that the physics of “this” universe has G-strings, and a set of Turing computers are embedded in the G-strings. That is, when a boundary condition of “this” universe is able to stretch its legs, those legs can immediately stand up and walk as a computing device is ready available [embedded in its (life’s) building blocks] free of charge. There is no fine-tuning of any kind needed for the rise of life in “this” universe. Furthermore, the G-strings provide the followings.


1. It is the only theoretical base for quark-color (red, yellow, blue, white), and it is the manifestation of the four-color-theorem in physics. That is, the “individuality” of life is guaranteed by physics laws.

2. Tommaso Dorigo’s post of July 21, 2013 is “Do Measurements Of The B_d Decay To Muon Pairs Indicate Four Generations Of Matter ?  ( )”. In G-string, there is simply no room to house a 4th generation of matter. Neff is neither 3.1 nor 2.99 but =3 exactly in G-strings.


@Phil Gibbs: “The answer is that we have learnt that the mass of the Higgs boson is around 125 GeV and that this lies near the minimum end of the range of masses that would allow the vacuum to be stable even if there are no new particles to help stabilize it. …  Instead we have seen that the Higgs sector is probably fine-tuned at least by some small factor. If no SUSY is found in the next LHC run at 13 TeV then it is fine-tuned at about the 1% level.”


Again, the LHC new particle should have a mass exactly one-half (1/2) of the spacetime “vacuum” energy. That is, the “minimum end” calculation is simply wrong. The fact is that the entire “Higgs saga” is wrong, only as a fairy-tale and hallucination. A detailed story about this fairy-tale is available at ( ). There is no need of any fine-tuning for “life” as the entire Higgs saga is just fairy-tale.

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